CAUTION: The DOX™ Specimen Container System, when used in collecting human urine for drugs of abuse testing, is intended for in vitro diagnostic use or for professional use only. Human urine samples should be handled and processed as though they are potentially infectious.

Collection Procedure


1. Identification Label

Place DOX™ I.D. Label inside the bottle before collecting specimen.

All labels are optional

2. Closing Bottle *

Place filled DOX™ bottle on table, and while standing, push locking cap into bottle until it "snaps" to ensure lock.

*EZP Easy Press

Used for quick and easy sealing with minumum effort.

*PP Palm Pad

Hand held closing assistant relieves pressure from palm.


3. Opening Bottle

Use the DOX™ HDT Hand Tool Opener to remove top of locking cap.

4. Specimen Testing

Simply pour required amount of specimen directly into test tube.

5. Reclosing/Resealing

DOX™ RMP Removable Plug for short term storage.

DOX™ LKP Re-Locking Plug for postitive specimens and long term storage.